Experts Address Series 2017-18 (30 October 2017)

Professor Amy Shuen will give a public lecture "AI and Global Dynamic Capabilities" on 30 October 2017.

Speaker: Professor Amy Shuen
CEO, Nanoforma
Former Professor, The Wharton School and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, HKU

Abstract: From voice activating our calendar with Siri, navigating to our meetings with Waze, avoiding accidents with automatic braking and getting our lab and scanning results analyzed at the doctor’s office, AI (artificial intelligence) is already part of our everyday lives.

What is the impact and economic value of all of these enhanced products and services to the global economy? Is AI-- the products, services, data, analytics, software, algorithms—a positive sum or zero sum game (Man vs. Machine) for the countries, businesses and people of the world? According to a 2017 PWC report given at the World Economic Forum, AI will add $16 Trillion to the global economy by 2030. Not surprisingly, the two main drivers of value will be labor productivity and enhanced products and services in the Healthcare, Automotive, Financial Services, Logistics and Technology/Telecom/Media industries.

The big surprise is that the new game-changing AI "rules" for success will give China as a region the largest positive GDP impact--$7 Trillion—the most of any country or region and 50% of the total value generated by 2030.

In this talk, we will look at:

  • The new game-changing AI "rules" for success and determining factors for winners and losers.
  • The innovative AI business models used by the global multinational leaders in the Self-Driving Car sector.
  • A Global Dynamic Capabilities Framework for AI-readiness company assessment.
  • What’s Next—the top rated AI startups in 2017 in the categories of "most disruptive", "social innovation" and "hottest emerging sectors".

  • This talk will discuss how LOD teams can look at semantic modelling principles, the reuse of vocabularies, and plan for linkages to their data. The outcome will be an enterprise-ready LOD solution that can more actively participate in the LOD global ecosystem.

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