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Student Profile

Our outstanding students

Smart, ingenious, innovative, ambitious - all of these are hallmarks of our current students, professionals with business experience who desire a career change or who are currently working in a technology-oriented field and want to enhance their I.T. knowledge and skills as well as their ability to solve business problems and facilitate solutions.  They come from various professions including accounting, business management, education, engineering, hospitality, information technology and law.  Many are senior executives with at least a master degree or MBA, some have multiple master degrees and a few hold doctorates in their own disciplines.

Whether our students work for Baidu Inc., HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong), JP Morgan or the HKSAR government or in the PRC, they are passionate, experienced, and driven to succeed as technology specialists, business executives, and leaders in their organizations.

You will quickly discover that among the Programme's greatest assets are your fellow students and you will soon establish a network of friends and professional contacts before and after graduation.  Your classmates represent a diversity of work experience, from marketing to finance to engineering.  They bring their own voice to discussions and their own perspectives to problem-solving. 


Benefits from your peers

Because students come from a diverse and broad group of industries, participation in the Programme can expose you to a wide variety of management styles, procedures, and solutions for both business and technical problems.  Through group work and class discussions, students learn the best practices in different industries for handling the same or similar problems.  Not only can students apply what they learn about other industries to their own companies, they can apply the same knowledge to better understand their clients' companies.  Beyond class, students become resources for one another, benefiting through interaction and shared experiences.

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