Career Prospect

Career opportunities after MSc(ECom&IComp)

When you enroll in the MSc(ECom&IComp) Programme, you gain all the advantages of a famous university with an outstanding reputation.  When you leave our Programme — whether your goal is to become a CEO or a business analyst, a project manager or a consultant — you walk away with hands-on technical experience and a solid foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of the way business and technology interrelate.  Whether you want to manage a major corporation, a start-up venture, a joint project in Shanghai, you build the knowledge base you need to succeed in our programme.

Our MSc degree opens door to an extremely wide range of career choices and options, including entry to some of the most interesting and challenging jobs.  Some graduates use their skills and new perspectives gained through the programme in a variety of ways: to advance to senior level positions within their current company, to transit to a new specialty (from computing to business, etc.) or to make a complete career switch.  Some have moved on to doctoral studies.

The salient point is that our graduates are viewed as an asset in any organizations because they bring a steady flow of ideas, tools, and practices from class back to their workplace.  Companies reap both immediate and long-term benefits from their enrolled employee’s fresh outlook, new skills, and ability to take on new roles and responsibilities