Experts Address Series 2017-18 (18 October 2017)

Professor Renato Iannella will give a public lecture "Linked Open Data: Semantics at Global Scale" on 18 October 2017.

Speaker: Professor Renato Iannella
W3C Representative, Monegraph
Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology
Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, HKU

Abstract: The age of the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data (LOD) has the potential to create a new breed of information system that delivers enhanced data features to a wider audience of users. The emerging LOD datasets are driving this, but are focussed on data, rather than semantics. The capability of LOD can be greatly enhanced when modelling principles from the semantic web are followed, thus enabling greater sharing of knowledge and machine-reasoning potential.

This talk will discuss how LOD teams can look at semantic modelling principles, the reuse of vocabularies, and plan for linkages to their data. The outcome will be an enterprise-ready LOD solution that can more actively participate in the LOD global ecosystem.

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