Tang Chui Wai Hing Project Prize 2018

Mr Nixon Chan Sze Ho, Mr Ernest Lee and Miss Tiffany Ng Wing Chee were awarded the Tang Chui Wai Hing Project Prize in 2018 for their excellent performance in their case study project.

Tang Chui Wai Hing Project Prize was established in June 2017 by Dr Winnie S.M. Tang, an alumna and an Adjunct Professor of The Department of Computer Science at The University of Hong Kong, in memory of her grandmother, Mrs Tang Chui Wai Hing. The Prize is awarded annually to MSc(ECom&IComp) students.

[From left] Professor TW Lam (Head, Department of Computer Science), Professor Paul Cheung, Miss Tiffany Ng (awardee), Mr Nixon Chan (awardee), Dr Winnie Tang (donor), Professor Francis Lau and Dr KP Chow (Programme Director, MSc(ECom&IComp))