CEF Courses

CEF Courses 

The following courses have been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) purposes:

HKU Course Code and Course Title CEF Course Code
For MSc(ECom&IComp) Students
CEF Course Code
For MSc(CompSc) Students
ECOM6008 Supply chain and e-logistics management 36Z122415 36Z122636
ECOM6014 E-marketing 36Z122342 36Z122644
ECOM6016 Electronic payment systems 36Z122385 36Z122652
ECOM6023 E-financial services 36Z122393 36Z122660
ECOM7123 Building smart cities: an information system approach 36Z12261A 36Z122628
ICOM6034 Website engineering 36Z122350 36Z122679
ICOM6045 Fundamentals of e-commerce security 36Z122598
[Effective from January 2020]
[Effective from January 2020]
ICOM7125 Digital forensics 36Z122571
[Effective from January 2020]
[Effective from January 2020]
COMP7407 Securities transaction banking 36Z123748
[Effective from January 2020]
[Effective from January 2020]
COMP7802 Introduction to financial computing 36Z123888
[Effective from January 2020]
[Effective from January 2020]

MSc(ECom&IComp) and MSc(CompSc) students may also apply for the CEF for the above courses.  Students from other curricula are not eligible.

The mother programme (Master of Science in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing) of these courses is recognized under the Qualification Framework (QF Level 6).

Before 1 April 2019,  eligible* applicants may be reimbursed with a maximum sum of HK$10,000 upon successful completion of a course.  For details and updates of eligibility, application, and reimbursement procedures (in particular the reimbursement period from the date of application), please check with Office of Continuing Education Fund at https://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/cef/en/index.htm or 3142-2277 (24-hour enquiry hotline).

The enhancement measures were implemented with effect from 1 April 2019.  The maximum entitlement for new applicants is HK$20,000.  For applicants who have opened CEF accounts before 1 April 2019, they are eligible for claiming the additional HK$10,000 subsidy and the unused balance (if any) of the original subsidy of HK$10,000.  The co-payment ratios by learners (i.e. the percentage of fees to be borne by learners) for the first HK$10,000 subsidy is 20% of the course fee* and that for the second HK$10,000 subsidy is 40% of the course fee.  For details, please refer to CEF website:

* Eligibility: Persons who
- are Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction.  Holders of one-way permits from Mainland China may also apply. (A copy of the one-way permit and the HKID card should be attached to the application form );
- must be aged between 18 and 70 (i.e. before reaching the age of 71) when an application is submitted and the application must be submitted within one year upon the successful completion of the course.  Late applications will not be accepted.